Create your own freedom and build generational wealth through the power of real estate.

Investment Criteria

Class B or C+ stable value add properties in Class B/C+ areas in emerging markets. Focus on cash flow and forced appreciation via improving operations.

We achieve this by:

  • Carefully selecting markets that meet our criteria of population growth, job growth, income growth, and job diversity. For more detail on how we select markets, please refer to our previously published article.
  • Prudently and conservatively underwriting properties to ensure they meet our investment criteria.
  • Securing the right financing based on the business strategy for the underlying asset.
  • Performing detailed diligence.
  • Carefully curating the right local property management team to execute on the business plan and collaboratively managing the asset to achieve optimal returns.
  • Partnering with experienced operators with a proven track record.

Why Invest in Apartments

  • Multifamily has historically outperformed other asset classes, including during recessions.
  • Potential for multiple sources of return, including forced appreciation.
  • Tax deferral benefits.
  • Hedge against inflation.
  • Strong long term outlook.
  • Economies of scale.
  • Diversified tenant base and ability to adjust to market.

For more detail on why we like multifamily as an asset class, please refer to our previously published article.