Our Story

A lot of thought went behind the name of our company to ensure it is consistent not only with our mission but also with our ultimate WHY, which is living a life of purpose, meaning, and significance.

It all starts with a Dream…followed by Belief that it is possible to make this dream real…followed by taking Action to make this dream real.

I grew up in Bulgaria, behind the iron curtain. At that time, there was no stock market and investing in hard assets was the only real investment one would consider. Typically that meant being able to purchase your own home, possibly a second home, and gold/silver in the form of jew­elry. It was not until I came to the US that I discovered the popularity of the stock market. Nevertheless, I nev­er quite warmed up to it as in my own little mind it re­sembled a large casino, and I am not a fan of gambling.

I followed the traditional path of going to school, then grad school, getting a corporate job, and making it my mission to climb the corporate ladder. After a few years, however, I realized I was climbing the wrong ladder. When I looked up, I saw people trading their time for money. A promotion meant less time with family and loved ones. Other clues were present all along the way too – it just took me a little while to see them. (1) The 2008-09 market crash, which left some people, including those ready to retire, with collapsed retirement plan values and many others without a job. (2) My own employer went through a couple of restructures. I was spared. However, at that moment I knew that I could be next as I was not any more special than the colleagues who were let go. If anything, it was probably an indicator that I was getting paid less.

Thankfully I picked up the lessons eventually and decided to take action. I could not control the global markets or corporate restructures. However, I could control how I prepare for retirement and start building my own financial freedom. In those moments of crisis, I resorted to what I knew growing up – investing in hard assets and real estate.  The seed of real estate planted in me back then started to germinate. So I got to work.

One day I stumbled across a real estate seminar. I took the day off work to attend. It ultimately ended up being an upsell. However, I took good notes and walked out of the seminar build­ing my own templates and taking the next step into my real estate journey. A bit later, I came across a local real estate investment club where one of the speakers was consistently holding meet ups and educational presen­tations without the sales pitch. So one day I picked up the phone and called him to inquire whether he also sells properties or knows of someone who sells prop­erties. And before you know it, I had purchased my first investment property out of state. It took a bit longer to stabilize but I quickly started seeing the benefit of good underwriting and selecting the right location in the form of steady monthly cash flow.

Within a couple of years, I purchased another prop­erty in the same market and subsequently diversified to another state. The properties are doing well (at least better than the stock market, which I never quite warmed up to) and this prompted me to ask the question – how do I scale this further? This led me to look into multifamily. I devoured tons of educational content and invested in a coaching program/mastermind that most closely aligned with my goals. I kept moving forward and taking action. My goal initially was to be able to purchase my first multifamily property within 12 months of making the mental shift to multifamily and at the latest within 12 months of joining the program. I accomplished that goal in 6 months. My journey to securing my financial freedom continued.

It was not daisies and butterflies all along the way. There were challenges, obstacles, tough decisions, and valuable lessons learned. It has also been a lot of hustle and countless hours. However, it is through moments of adversity that one grows and becomes stronger.

One beautiful day I walked into my office. It was a normal day. My day started with a meeting, which I thought would be a standard mid-year review. I was informed that our entire division is being closed and as a result thereof, my team and I are being let go. I had less than 90 minutes to pack, say my goodbyes, and leave the building before my computer and building access were shut down. Fifteen years of blood and sweat and dedication to the firm were wiped out just like that. A heartless kick in the behind and out the door.

It was always my intent to transition to real estate full time at some point. The timeline was just accelerated with this event. The difference this time around, however, was that I was prepared. My real estate and passive income built over the past few years were my ally. I could survive. But I wanted to thrive. My burning desire to succeed and knowing this was possible based on prior experience led me to expand into other real estate related income streams.

I am now on a mission to help other busy professionals working 60+ hours a week take charge of their financial future and secure their financial freedom. Thus, if or when that difficult life event or moment arrives, they are prepared and can thrive (vs. struggling to survive).

I am excited about the future and about helping others get educated about real estate and leverage real es­tate as a tool to achieve their own financial freedom and making their dreams a reality.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.


Have a clear vision and set clear goals. Know your WHY. Dream big. Know that dreams can be real. Remember that one is as big as his/her dreams are.


Believe in yourself. Believe that making those dreams real is possible. Overcome limiting beliefs by surrounding yourself with role models and positive individuals.


Take action. Take that first step. Do not aim for perfection. It is those small daily consistent and persistent steps that bring you closer to making your dreams real.