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Small vs. Large Multifamily – Top 4 Pros and Cons

In a prior article we discussed the benefits of investing in multifamily (vs. other commercial real estate asset classes). After making the decision to focus on multifamily, many investors are then often faced with having to choose between small (5-50 units) or large (100+ units) multifamily properties (multis). While one has the potential to earn […]

Interest Rate Hedge Strategies Demystified

I was speaking to a colleague of mine recently. Unfortunately that individual had just received the monthly financials from a syndication that they were passively invested in and was quite concerned, as the cash and cash flow were tight. In addition, the sponsor had stated that distributions were being suspended. That particular deal, like many […]

2023 The Best Ever And Multifamily Investment Network Conference Key Takeaways – Expect The Unexpected

Today’s snippet will be a bit longer than usual. However, in an effort to keep you aware of current market dynamics, we think it is important to share our takeaways from two industry conferences we recently attended and address recent news. We have gone through unprecedented series of events that are still developing and will […]