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2H2022 Market Update and Central Florida Market Visit

We recently completed our periodic market visit in Central Florida and combined that with the Multifamily Mastery 5 real estate conference. In today’s quick snippet we will share our market observations and key takeaways from the conference. Deal flow is slowly increasing, with more deals coming on the market due to sellers looking to exit […]

What To Expect As A Limited Partner Before, During, And After The Syndication

A question I am frequently asked from passive investors (LPs) pertains to the process of a real estate syndication. In prior articles we discussed helpful tips on evaluating the sponsorship team, the market, the sub-market, property types, and the deal structure/underwrite as well as the different syndication structures. In today’s quick tip article, we will […]

Multifamily vs. Single Family – Top 4 Pros and Cons

In today’s quick tip article we explore the differences between investing in multifamily and single family. Many people start by investing in single family homes and may eventually transition to multifamily properties (apartments). Others continue to grow their portfolio by pursuing both strategies. The beauty of real estate is that there is usually more than […]

Values Based Decision Making

Today’s article will be a bit unusual. However, by sharing examples from our day to day operations, we hope to give you a glimpse of our management approach, and specifically how we apply our value-based decision making in practice. As a reference our mission and philosophy is included below. ************************************************************************************* Mission and Philosophy Value-based decision […]