I recently attended an event organized by a mastermind that I am part of. It was a wonderful opportunity for networking, professional development, and staying current on market updates. However, more meaningful were the relationships strengthened and the new connections made.
In addition, I want to focus on a few other aspects of the conference that resonated with me and pertain to mindset. I realize this is different than the real estate-focused content you have requested but I hope to provide some food for thought and hope you find value and meaning in today’s snippet, as you continue your own journey to freedom (whatever freedom means to you).

My first takeaway pertains to something Simon Sinek once said and namely “Start With The Why”. Define what your why is. It is usually something you feel very strongly about. Does it get you excited? Does it make you afraid, if not achieved? That is what will drive you. My WHY is living a life of purpose and significance. To me, that means being able to spend time with my family and loved ones, helping others, and leaving a positive mark on people’s lives. A real estate is a tool that allows me to accomplish that.

DREAM. Visualize what your success looks like. Create a vision board and look at it often (daily). Create your identity statement and read it often (daily). My identity statement is: “I, VK, am a resilient, kind, and spiritual human. I am a caring daughter/sister/friend/mother, philanthropic community leader, faithful Christian, and successful business owner, who inspires others, makes a difference in the world, crushes it in multifamily, and is grateful for every day, every lesson learned, and every opportunity given or taken.”

BELIEVE. Believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Surround yourself with positive like-minded individuals who inspire you and encourage you. You are a reflection of the people who surround you. And similarly, always support your loved ones in their own efforts of attaining their own dreams.

ACHIEVE. Take action. For some, it would be Massive Action. For others – consistent and persistent small daily steps. Someone once told me that if you focus on making 1% progress daily, by year-end you would be 365% farther along than where you started. Rod Khleif once said that water cuts through the rock not through power and force but rather through persistence. Do not aim for perfection. Just get started and focus on taking that first step on your journey to freedom (whatever freedom means to you) and to living a life of purpose.

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