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Recent Mastermind Event – Key Takeaways

I recently attended an event organized by a mastermind that I am part of. It was a wonderful opportunity for networking, professional development, and staying current on market updates. However, more meaningful were the relationships strengthened and the new connections made.In addition, I want to focus on a few other aspects of the conference that […]

What Are The Four Multifamily Asset Classes And Why Do They Matter

When speaking to investors you may often hear an alphabet soup of acronyms or codes. In this quick tip article, we will demystify the terminology behind the various property classes. We will also provide some general comments on the typical business strategies operators tend to follow with each property type, so you can then form […]

2022 Best Ever Conference Key Takeaways

I recently attended The Best Ever Conference in Denver, CO – a premier commercial real estate event for active and passive real estate investors and real estate service providers. The conference provided excellent content on the state of the market, economic outlook, and key industry trends and developments. It was also a great opportunity to […]

Cap Rate Fundamentals

Welcome back! Today we will cover one of the most controversial topics in commercial real estate – cap rates. We will, however, leave the politics aside and will instead focus on demystifying cap rates – meaning, drivers, and valuation impact. In simple terms, the cap rate (aka the capitalization rate) represents the rate of return […]