It started with a simple thought, followed by saying the words out loud, followed by taking action.

It is with great excitement that I want to share with you the launch of our first digital book – The Busy Professional’s Quick Guide to Investing In Multifamily.

The book idea was born out of our passion to make you a more empowered and better informed investor.

My heart hurts when I sometimes hear stories of deals gone wrong, and while very often this may be a function of unexpected market turns, minimal upfront market diligence, and/or cursory underwriting, you as an investor can partially mitigate that risk by educating yourself and arming yourself with basic knowledge to help you determine what questions to ask to vet sponsors, deals, and markets and thereby make prudent investment decisions. You do not have to be an expert or dive into the technical analysis and the weeds (unless you want to) – that is the job of the sponsor you are investing with and they should be able to easily answer those key questions or address our concerns. However, knowing what questions to ask, what to look for, and defining your own investment risk appetite and criteria is a key starting point.

The book, as the title suggests, is designed to help the busy professional educate him/herself about investing in multifamily (we have also included bonus information about other commercial real estate asset classes). Each chapter can stand on its own and represents a quick 3-5 minute read. The book can be used as a reference guide that you can go back to if/when needed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or comments, as you digest the content. If you enjoyed the book, please feel free to share with a friend.

I hope you enjoy the read!

You can also access the Download link here .

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Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute legal, accounting, tax, or individually tailored investment advice. Past results do not represent or guarantee future performance.