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How To Evaluate A Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunity In Five Minutes Or Less

Once you have educated yourself on the basics of multifamily investing, how to get started, and begin to connect with various operators, you will start getting exposure to various investment opportunities. Some of you will feel the same excitement as a kid in a candy store. Others may get overwhelmed by how to quickly sift through these various […]

The Path From Financial Security To Financial Independence

It all starts with a dream of who you want to be, what you want to accomplish, and why…and then believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with positive like-minded individuals…and last but not least, taking action! You may often hear the terms financial freedom and financial independence used interchangeably. There is a subtle difference, however. […]

How To Use Your Retirement Account To Invest In Real Estate

I often receive a surprised look when I mention to people that they can use their retirement account to invest in real estate. A follow up question often then raised (with some skepticism) is – why is that not so widely talked about or promoted? For one simple reason, traditional employer 401Ks and traditional retirement […]